Nokia N82 16GB

I have just plugged in my new 16GB Micro SDHC card into my Nokia N82. This turns my N82, 16GB. I am so excited that I have overtaken my brother’s Nokia N95-8GB. This is really interesting to see that N95-8GB has no way to install an extra bit of memory and is stuck at 8GB. No doubt, 8GB is a lot of space, but memory, bandwidth and love are never enough.

My phone only shows 15 GB when installed with the 16GB memory card. I yet have to see why this memory is lost or may be SANDISK takes 16000x1000x1000 bytes to be 16 GB?

Anyways, My N82 stands taller than the N95-8GB almighty 🙂

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  1. Fred,

    The card is supported anyways.

    I'm not sure what do you mean by Haked, but If I'm getting you correctly, you'll not be hacked anymore when you upgrade your firmware.

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