Poverty in Pakistan – Govt figures and ground realities

According to the figures given by Govt. of Pakistan, the percentage of population living under the poverty line is 23.9 percent, while World bank and UNDP believe that the percentage is higher than that [source]. If we believe that 23.9 is the correct number, Pakistan turns out to be better than 91 other countries. [source]. Moreover, This percentage of poor people has been decreasing all the way since 2001 [source].

Regardless of what government does, what UN decides and what NGOs are doing, what can be the best practices we can follow to make sure that this percentage goes as lower as possible in our respective parts of the world. I’m not talking about charity or fund-raising here. I’m talking about running our country, our institutions, our businesses in such a way that improves the economy to result in lower poverty percentages. Please do comment about what you have been doing in this regard lately.

In the end, please do check out this cool powerty map.

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