Windows 7 to ship without Internet Explorer in Europe

After a consistent pressure from European Union Microsoft has decided to ship Microsoft Windows 7 without its web-browser Internet Explorer 8. The browser-less Windows 7 is called “Windows 7 E”. This will be first version of Windows after Windows 3.11 for work-group to be shipped without Internet Explorer.

This decision has for sure been taken as a result of the anti-trust cases Microsoft has been facing from EU. Windows 7 is scheduled to be shipped later this year and its release candidate is already available for download. Windows 7 no doubt is way better than Windows Vista in my experience. You can download RC version of Windows 7 from Windows website. This version will work till March 1, 2010, so you have a lot of time to play around with the new Windows 7 and by then, launch of Chrome OS by google will be a few months away <<>>

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