Smartphones in Battlefield

Soldiers will be using smartphones in the battlefied. Here’s what this latest Reuters article says:

Raytheon, which makes the Patriot missile defense system, is developing software which could enable a soldier to find enemies in his or her surrounding terrain using a mobile phone running Google’s Android operating system.

The software could potentially be powerful enough to pick up aerial images from an unmanned aircraft or satellite and then focus in on details such as license plates on cars or a person’s facial features.

A typical soldier’s use case:

  • Searching for a UAV nearby
  • UAV found, Connected!
  • Requesting enemy unit locations nearby
  • Enemy units and buildings found at these coordinates, touch to view photos
  • Incoming orders, move north, keep moving, wait for further orders
  • Incoming missile, take shelter
  • Your primary weapon is running low on ammo, reload!


And then there can be problems with the software or the handsets:

  • Cannot retrieve orders, network not found
  • UAV connection lost
  • Battery low
  • Uh.. the phone software stuck … urgh!
  • Waiting for GPS ………………….
  • … why dare you touch the phone, it’s an iPhone, remember? 🙂

Here’s the whole post.

Android running on iPhone

This is big for me at least. This fellow has found a way to install a boot loader and install Android OS on iPhone. We all know that Apple’s iPhone has strong hardware capabilities but due to software restrictions, iPhone users have been deprived from a lot of features and functionality that they could use just by simple software ad-ons. With this hack, which obviously is not supported or accepted by Apple, a whole wide range of possibilities are in your hand. Check out the demo video.

Google Earth on your Mobile

Do you love Google Earth? Now it is available on your android mobile phone as well. Google earth has already been available on iPhone but obviously for a Google powered android phone, it’s a must have product.
I was happy to find out that Google earth is avaiable on Android phones. I immediately pulled out my android phone and tried to install it but figured it out that its not going to work on my phone. Then I dug further to figure out that the software is available for only iPhone and Nexus one and it will be available soon for Droid.

To download Google Earth on your mobile go to from your mobile.

Google Gesture does not work on my Android phone

If you’ve been reading about Google Gesture, the new hand-writing based search mechanism on android phones and have not been able to find it to download, there is nothing to worry about. If  you have any OS version that is lower than 2.0, the app will neither install nor will show up in your Android market. Similarly, if you are outside US, the app is expected not to work.

So if I use the QR code on my good old G1 with an older OS, the QR code and URL is recognized but no download is available for my phone. Time to buy a new android phone?

This fact is also confirmed on the discussion groups here on Google Gesture’s own discussion forums. 

If you have a device with 2.0 OS and you are in US, you can download the software from .