National Anthem, Return of Cricket and Peace

Cricket comes back to Pakistan
Cricket returns to Pakistan, Pakistan vs Zimbabwe in Lahore

I was there, when the historic moment was happening right here in Lahore, the day when International cricket returned to Pakistan, returned to Lahore, returned to Gaddafi Cricket Stadium. Can you imagine, some 27000 people singing the  national anthem? Paksitan’s national anthem sung with their hearts and lungs out, the passionate Lahoris were so organized, so disciplined, so very positive that I couldn’t believe myself. Continue reading “National Anthem, Return of Cricket and Peace”

Asia Cup match 3: Pakistan vs Afghanistan

Asia Cup 2014The Asia cup is under way in Bangladesh where the Asian cricket teams are battling for the Asia Cup trophy. Two matches are gone in which India and Srilanka were victorious. Today is match number three in which Pakistan and Afghanistan are against each other. Pakistan started steadily until score of 55-0 in 12.2 overs but lost quick wickets after that. Currently Umar Akmal and Anwar Ali are on the crease trying to put a decent total on the board. Afghanistan side has put a good show by making Pakistan work hard for the runs. If you are missing the live action you can watch the live action online from the links below.

Watch live Pakistan vs Ireland

Pakistan is playing a one day international cricket series in Ireland. The second ODI is currently underway. If you are looking for a live web Feed for the match you can watch it on YouTube by following this link.

Enjoy !

Sachin finally makes his 100th century in international cricket

Sachin Tendulkar from India finally completes his record braking hundredth century in international cricket. No soul has done that before. All I can say is “RESPECT!”.

This 100 centuries set contains 51 test centuries and today’s 49th ODI century that he completes in 188 test and 462 ODI matches. And he’s done that in a tenure of 23 years. I’ve not even watched cricket for that long, and he’s been playing it and he’s always been in top 10 batsmen. What a player he is.

While I keep supporting Pakistan cricket and will continue to do that, all I can have for Sachin is admiration and respect. I don’t think I’ll see such a player again in my life time at least.

Sachin’s cricket profile.

Watch Cricket World Cup Online – Live

If you are a cricket fan and want to watch cricket online, there a few ways you can do that. If you are in Pakistan, the best source is Geo-Super site. If you are outside Pakistan, you should try . Please note, is possibly taking the feed from different TV channels and may not be a legal source and may go down any moment.

I lived in the days of Muralitharan

This blog will serve as my diary when I’ll not be around. The blog will tell you that it was an age of cricket magicians that I lived in. It was an age when the two Ws used to scare the batting line up of any world class team by opening the bowling attack, it was an age when Imran Khan raised the world cup, it was an age when Brian Lara used to keep his head lower than the bat before hitting the ball against the basic rules of cricket and scored the unbeatable multiple century more than once, it was an age when Miandad was an unbeatable middle order rock-wall, it was an age when Inzi used to walk in-to the stadium with a standard painful expression on his face and then soon everyone else’s face on the field copied his expression due to his shots all around. It was an age when Sachin Tendulkar had a never ending, never tiring and never a mundane career, it was an age of Mushy’s Spin and Ramiz Raja who became a more popular analyst than a player. I’m happy that I lived in the age of Mutthiah Muralitharan, the magician of spin and the greatest  spin bowler of all times. Continue reading “I lived in the days of Muralitharan”

Watch Cricket Live Online

I am a cricket fan and I know if you are reading this, probably you are a cricket fan as well. And its obvious that fans watch live cricket whenever possible. Things get even more serious if it is a World Cup tournament and your favorite team is playing a crucial match. If you are out of the country or you cant find a channel that is showing live cricket in your area, you can use this site to watch live cricket on your computer.

No matter it is ODI cricket, T20 or Test, this site always finds a live feed for you and it makes more sense when you are not in a cricket loving country and the TV Channels shown in  your area don’t show cricket.

If you have any other links for watching cricket live, please do post in the comments section.

Cricket Revolution – Made in Pakistan

Pakistan’s first complete 3D Cricket game

Mindstorm Studios‘s Babar Ahmad caused several hundred audience’s jaws to drop last night at P@SHA’s ICT awards. He showcased a video demo of “Cricket Revolution“, a great looking game that they’ve been working on for quite some time now. But the output was worth the wait.

The game is neat, simple to play, easy controls, lots of options, multi player/network modes, social/viral aspect and last but not least, its comprehensively made in Pakistan. I’m so proud to see such great work being done in Lahore. And for obvious reasons, the game did a clean sweep at the awards too.

Instead of making you read a lot, I’ll show you a few videos here. I simply went to their website and downloaded the demo. The demo does not contain the teams, stadiums, matches or network mode and for obvious reasons, it’s only practice mode. You can do both batting and bowling practice and in both cases, the game feels better than any other Cricket game I’ve played so far. Yes I have played all the Electronic Arts titles over past decade and I started from the good old Allan Border’s DOS based cricket.

The game is scheduled to be released on October 31st and is already available for pre-order at and the pre-order price is $18. So hurry up, as the retail price of the game will be somewhere between $20 and $25.

Here are a few practice videos that I recorded right during this demo run of the game.

Demo Startup and Main Menu

Batting Practice

Bowling Practice

And finally in the end, this is the video Babar played at the end of his presentation that is absolutely marvelous. Enjoy!

How to watch a cricket match without electricity? Mobilink TV – a life saver

Pakistan vs India cricket match is always a popular event to watch not only in these two countries but everywhere else cricket is played, understood and liked. I was also very excited about the match on Saturday but was also afraid of the possible power failures. It went great for the initial hours but when the match reached the climax at midnight, power company employees showed their dutifulness and switched the power off for an hour.

Now what?

Quickly I tried a few options. First of all, I tuned into a good old FM radio channel that was quick and convenient. At least I could get live score and updates. In addition, I had a few other options for live score updates, for example:

All of the above are text based cricket score tools and eventually were much slower than that of FM radio. I was still missing the TV as I knew that the power is not going to be available. Then I recalled a service that I tried several months ago. Yes, Mobilink TV. I simply directed my browser to Mobilink TV’s wap site and launched the sports channel on my phone. Within a few seconds I could watch the match live. That was the best thing that happened to me in several days 🙂

It was an amazing experience. I watched the match for almost 45 minutes. But I must warn and inform you about a few facts here:

  • The service is very expensive but at that time, it was worth it. It costs Rs. 6/megabyte plus tax. According to a careful calculation, it must have costed me around Rs. 100 or more for these 45 minutes. (I’ll post the exact amount once I get my bill)
  • The TV transmission sound was crystal clear but you need external speakers for better experience.
  • The quality of video for a 3 inch screen was moderate. I could hardy read the score at the bottom of the screen but could clearly understand what’s going on in the game.
  • Like any other internet video solution, there were points when video got stuck for data buffering. May be a few seconds pause every couple of minutes.
  • There was around 25 seconds delay as compared to normal TV or radio’s live coverage.
  • And yes, there is a specific set of compatible handsets that runs this service. Not all smart phones are compatible. Even the BlackBerries are not 🙁
  • Last but not least, there is a separate access-point setup needed to access these TV streams. Make sure to get the settings by calling the helpline.

In short it was fun to watch cricket without electricity. Lets see how much fun it will be to pay for it 🙂

Please share your experience if any.