How to download Windows 10 DVD Image ISO without hassle




If you are waiting for a notification, an automatic update, an icon to click in your task bar or any other intimation from Microsoft for a free Windows 10 upgrade, you may be out of luck. Some of us have received the download but for those who are still waiting for a way to download Windows 10, the method is actually pretty simple. This is how I am doing it right now:

Here wo go…

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Android on Nokia, my dream come true!


Nokia X

I always wanted Nokia phones to run Android OS. Here comes the day when the dream comes true. Now begins an era of Nokia’s hardware strength and Android’s OS marvel to work together and the phones will soon be in the hands of end users (yes you).

While Nokia is trying to keep themselves as far as possible from Google services for obvious reasons, this does not mean the users, developers and even phone sellers have anything to loose here. This is an amazing development where Nokia is trying to help drive more and more users to Microsoft services including Skype and Sky Drive (recently renamed to OneDrive)  using Google’s Android OS.

So if you are a grumpy Nokia users and a loyal customer, grab a Nokia X phone in near future and I’m sure you’ll have way better set of software apps available on Nokia X than your old Symbian or Nokia OS phone. Win-win for the Nokia user, whether you pick a Windows Phone or Nokia X (Android) phone.

For developers, it creates a whole new market too. Time port your apps to Nokia X fellows, just visit this site to get started.



Is it Microsoft vs Apple all over again? HP Pulls the plug on Web-OS.

The news is spreading fast that HP is discontinuing the Web-OS device operations. While this news needs more detailed analysis and we have a long way to go but we are left with lesser number of players when it comes to operating system for the hand-held devices. Google, Apple, RIM and Microsoft are the four major operating system developers. While RIM and Google are no naive souls, I can’t rule out the possibility of a Microsoft vs Apple battle again a few years down the road if these two can eliminate Google and RIM from the race. With Microsoft’s strategic alliance with Nokia and Apple’s discontinued success story gives rise to the support for this possible traditional rivalry coming to the Smartphone and Tablet’s world soon.

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Internet Explorer-I did not expect they’ll promote it on the roads

Microsoft’s latest advertisement on Karachi road-side kind of astonished me. It’s  nothing strange but it’s really unusual. Is this really time to move on to IE 9 beta? I’m not an IE fan but this ad seems to be working … downloading now 😉

And if you cannot read the link on the board, its

** UPDATE **

And that’s a put-off for those who have not upgraded to Windows 7 yet. The download link only gives you an option to download it for Windows 7 32bit or 64bit. No options for a download for Vista or earlier versions.

Is Windows XP the right OS for ATM machines?

ATM machines running on Microsoft Windows based machines have been causing issues to customers. Windows are not 100 percent reliable and by nature they are interactive software. Mouse and keyboard are assumed essential UI devices . This atm also shows some error on screen that cannot be responded to without a mouse and leaves this machine unusable.

Microsoft Word banned in US

Microsoft has been in trouble in Europe as reported earlier due to the law suites forcing them to ship Microsoft Windows 7 without their well known Internet Explorer browser. Later, they had to ship new copies of Windows XP without it as well.

Now Microsoft is facing a situation in US where a judge in Texas rules that Microsoft cannot sell Microsoft Word. Yes, Microsoft Word from the Microsoft Office Suite. This is very interesting. The opposing party is a Toronto based company named i4i inc. that holds some XML patents and we all know that the latest Word and Office products use XML format to store their files.

Microsoft plans to appeal against the decision. Whatever is the outcome, Microsoft has always been in the line of fire when it comes to law-suites against its products and services.

Windows 7 release date confirmed – 22nd October

As a Windows 7 Beta tester I keep receiving updates from Microsoft. I just received an email confirming that Windows 7 will hit the shelves on 22nd October. Following is a chunk of the email.

“We are on our way to the last big milestone: Release to Manufacturing. Starting on October 22, you’ll see it on PCs and store shelves”

Windows lovers, get ready for the latest and greatest Windows ever. Its gonna be a Tuesday morning when you can queue outside a software store.