Day: May 4, 2010

Intel Processor Comparison – Part 6 of 16 Core 2 Duo is a dual core processor and can run two independent processes at the same time. It can run two processes at a time. Hence, total number of parallel threads that can run on Core 2 Duo is 2. Core 2 Quad is a quad […]
Intel Processor Comparison – Part 5 of 16 Every program that runs on your computer is basically a separate Process. Processes are independent running programs on your computer. They have their independent memory, variables, resources and they participate in competing for using the CPU time. Once you boot your PC, it runs several processes at […]
Intel Processor Comparison – Part 4 or 16 Intel’s Hyper threading technology dates back to the days of the single core processors. Intel’s single core processors initially got the capability of running two threads at the same time instead of running two processes in parallel. This can be a tricky fact and we’ll compare threads […]
Processor Comparison – Part 3 of 16 Most of us have been using those good old single core processors. Then Intel came up with their dual core technology. Dual core means, you have physically two processors that are soldered together into one microprocessor. They work independently and you actually have two processors working in your […]
Intel Processors Comparison – Part 2 of 16 Intel During our discussion of finding a faster processor and comparison between different processors, it is important that first of all, we make sure that having more RAM is a must to have a great computing experience. Though processors are always busy and anything and everything that […]
Intel Processors Comparison – Part 1 of 16 Core 2 Duo vs Core 2 Quad vs Core i7 vs Core i5 vs Core i3 Several people have been asking me this question and I had this research pending for a quite a few days now. In this article, I will discuss about the comparison between […]