Green Computing

As announced in January 2010, my blog has gone green and I will continue to post articles about green computing in particular and power saving and overall green living in general. The discussion will not be limited to the computing in a particular domain, but it will be from diverse areas as I come across things, so please bear with me. We will discuss different computing equipment, their power requirements and how we can improve on such requirements. How we can use lower power and reduce power consumption in home computing solutions. How we can make things better in terms of green computing in an office environment and technology companies themselves, how they can make a difference. We will also talk about other household and common use equipments and their power consumption, and ways to reduce that consumption.

If you have a post idea, dont hesitate to drop me a comment. The list is short for now but click following link to read the green-computing posts on

Green Computing

Happy Green Computing!

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