National Anthem, Return of Cricket and Peace

Cricket comes back to Pakistan
Cricket returns to Pakistan, Pakistan vs Zimbabwe in Lahore

I was there, when the historic moment was happening right here in Lahore, the day when International cricket returned to Pakistan, returned to Lahore, returned to Gaddafi Cricket Stadium. Can you imagine, some 27000 people singing the  national anthem? Paksitan’s national anthem sung with their hearts and lungs out, the passionate Lahoris were so organized, so disciplined, so very positive that I couldn’t believe myself. Continue reading “National Anthem, Return of Cricket and Peace”

Mobilink Milestone Launch and a free phone :)

What a day in the life of a blogger!

It all started when the whole local blogger community was invited to the launch event by Mobilink and Google to join hands and make good use of the social media and blogger community to create a stir in the online world and announce the launch of the Motorola Milestone. The launch event was quite a happening event right from the beginning with free giveaway key chain with a 50 year calendar, red bull servings and a cool setting altogether.

I thought I’m the last person to reach as I got quite late though I found out the event is yet to start when I finally reached the venue. The event was all about Mobilink, its new handset Motorola Milestone and obviously the Android 2.1 OS by Google. The session was really interactive with not only speeches but discussions, interaction with the audience, several interesting competitions including sms speed typing test but the biggest of them all was a free Motorola Milestone Giveaway.

And guess what? Yours truly (yeah that’s me) ended up winning the big prize. What was the competition? Well it was “Post a Facebook status about the launch event and get most comments on it“. I’m highly grateful to my friends and fellows who commented on my status and by the time the comments counting began, I had more than 800 comments on  my status. Woohooo!! While there were many close competitors, the phone lands in my hands and now I’m the first proud user of Mobilink Motorola Milestone. My free gift pack comes with a Mobilink Motorola Milestone  handset with an 8 GB of Micro SD card and a beautiful charging doc that I use more for watching videos now 🙂  . Thank you very much Mobilink for a great free phone and an amazing evening.

More about the phone

Motorola Milestone is an Android 2.1 smart phone with a 3.7 inch multi touch TFT screen with a slide keyboard. This is the same phone that is known as Motorola Droid out there in US. The black colored device has a 5 megapixel camera and features a ARM Cortex A8 600 MHz processor for normal processing and PowerVR SGX530 for graphics. You can find more details about the phone here.

Google Motorola Milestone

The phone has been introduced in Pakistan by Mobilink exclusively and the latest 2.1 version of Android OS is the biggest attraction for me. When you  buy this phone from Mobilink, you get 3 months of GPRS/EDGE free and I’m waiting for a referral code that Mobilink promised. Once I have the referral link, I’ll update this post and you’ll get some discount on your purchase. So if you are looking for an Android phone locally, why buy used T-Mobile Androids? Go for a Motorola Milestone.

Android – Free course and confirm job for Android Developers in Lahore

Android Training LahoreWe’ve been hearing about the Android software development training course to be held in Lahore in collaboration with P@SHA and PSEB. Things have taken a very interesting twist. The top Android development company Geni Team in Lahore has promised two confirmed jobs and four scholarships of 100% fee waiver for the students joining this course. So four lucky students will get to study it free and two of them have a job offer for sure.

Cant this get more exciting than this? Go ahead and register now.

Training details are available on this link.

Google’s Workshop – updates.

just a simple summary of what's being discussed:

Use following tools and techniques for marketing your products online :

1. Use insight.
2. Use website optimizer.
3. Use the keyword tools/advertise on google.
4. Make your site content relevant.
5. Optimize landing pages.
6. Use webmaster tools.
7. Use google site maps.
8. Last but not least use Analytics.

Masjid Wazir Khan – History revisited

I have been posting about historical places of Lahore on this blog. I’m sure the one I just visited is the most beautiful leftover from the Mughal reign.

Masjid Wazir Khan is extremely colorful and pretty mosque right in the heart of walled Lahore city. It was built in 1634-35 by Mr. Wazir Khan who was governor of Lahore at that time. This mosque was built a few decades before the glorious huge Badshahi Mosque Lahore (1673). I’m not trying to compare the two mosques here because one was built by the King himself ( Badshahi mosque) while other was built by a city-governor (Masjid Wazir Khan), but later is much more colorful, much more well built and well designed, much delicate and attractive and is in much original condition. Ironically, inspite of being so beautiful and attractive, it has not been much talked about.

The best way to reach the mosque is to enter the Walled-city of Lahore through Delhi-Gate and walk straight through the narrow and lively bazaar. A few hundred yards through the twisted path and there you see huge mosque minarets welcoming you. An open area outside the main entrance is still kept unpopulated and is a welcome change in contrast to highly dense populated area.

Right next to the entrance on both right and left sides are several small rooms that were originally designed to be shops. All shops were closed and locked but the veranda right outside each shop was very beautiful, especially the colorful ceiling.

Once you enter the mosque’s prayer area, you see a water pond for wuzu (ablution) in the center of the courtyard and a huge colorful mosque-building is visible at the other end of the courtyard. There are small rooms on both right and left sides of the courtyard that were closed and a couple were in use by the mosque administration, imam and the students.

The whole mosque both from outside and inside is a marvel of tile-work, colored paintings and calligraphy. The photo album posted at the bottom of this post contains several photos that prove my words above.

Quite interestingly, there was a mazaar (tomb) near the center of the mosque courtyard. On close inspection, it was discovered that the grave visible on the ground level was fake and the real grave was underground, some 10 feet right below the dummy grave on ground. The photo shows the name of the person. I have not yet been able to find who’s mazaar was this and how significant he was in the history.

On all four corners of the mosque are traditional high minarets. Unlike most of the mosques from the history as well as current day, these minarets are also covered completely with colored patterns and tiles that are in their original pretty colors even after almost four centuries.

Then I found a combination of steel ladder and staircase that took me to the roof top of the shops and I got a few clear shots of the mosque from there. Hundreds of pigeons were enjoying their free meal up there and were disturbed by my intervention.

After saying prayers, the mimbar (address chair) caught my attention. It was a beautiful wooden chair with a detailed wooden work. Looked pretty old but Imam sahib guided me to the label dug into the wood that said that it was a present to the mosque by Lord Curzon, Governor general India, who visited Lahore in 1899.

The whole mosque was colorful and patterned but keeping Islamic values in mind, no human or animal paintings could be seen. Either it was patterns and plants or it was calligraphy.

If you are in Lahore or you plan to visit, do plan a visit to this gorgeous mosque.

A photo album is available at following links.

Photo Album

Photo Album Map

History and info about the mosque

Hafeez Center Live

I just came across this website: . Just the name tells it all for those who have been shopping for computers and cell-phones in Lahore. The list of products is extensive and the price list is there as well. Its less of a shopping portal and more of a shopping network. Sellers can showcase their products and buyers can contact the sellers to purchase it. No online payments, no credit cards and no cheques or bank account transfers. Well that suits the local market as well.

As the site says itself, its a non-profit trading platform and they dont buy or sell anything themselves. Browsing through the site gave me a feeling as if I’m walking shopt to shop in Hafeez center itself.

The prices section though instantly reminded me of prices section of galaxy computers. And a little investigation revealed it to be true as well. They have borrowed the prices sectino from Galaxy.

Still its a great site with a lot of updates and information and as long as people continue to use it positively, can help a lot of people buy and sell items in Lahore in particular and everywhere in Pakistan in general.