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I usually don’t get that carried away by the youtube videos but this one has been done very well. It gets specific to the coders who write computer code and very beautifully stays general to all programming languages and tools. Enjoy the video and don’t forget to turn up the volume 😉
We’ve been hearing about the Android software development training course to be held in Lahore in collaboration with P@SHA and PSEB. Things have taken a very interesting twist. The top Android development company Geni Team in Lahore has promised two confirmed jobs and four scholarships of 100% fee waiver for the students joining this course. […]
Processor Comparison – Part 15 of 16 If you are a normal user and dont do alot of number crunching, you may not find a significant difference between these processors in day to day use but if you are a power user and do a lot of DVD ripping, video conversion, extreme 3d gaming, mp3 […]
Intel Processor Comparison – Part 5 of 16 Every program that runs on your computer is basically a separate Process. Processes are independent running programs on your computer. They have their independent memory, variables, resources and they participate in competing for using the CPU time. Once you boot your PC, it runs several processes at […]
I’ve been using different memory cards in different devices. I’ve used MMCs, SD, MicroSD, Sony Memory stick and so on. I never bothered re-checking their capacity and trusted on the label on the card itself. I have been using a 2GB MMC-Mobile in my good old N72 and I never went into the phone’s memory […]