Happy Pakistan Day

Pakistan Day, 23rd March 1940. The day when this amazing country’s freedom movement was formally started by passing the Lahore resolution. On this day, I pray that may this country prosper and progress and God bestows this land with peace and harmony.

I also appeal my fellow bloggers and every other individual that continue to post content online, that please do celebrate this important day with the same zeal and festivity that we do for the other non-national days ( take an example of Valentine’s day? ). 🙂

All my Pakistani brothers, please work hard in whatever capacity you work and wherever you are in the world. Each small achievement by any Pakistani does count towards the progress of the country.

For my foreign readers, Pakistan is a magical country not only in terms of its natural resources, geography, its history or its politics, but also in terms of its loving and talented people.

I love my country, Pakistan.

Pakistan Zindabad! (Long live Pakistan!)

Parvez Musharraf on Facebook

Ex-President Pakistan, Ex-Army Chief, Retired Gen. Parvez Musharraf now has a profile on Facebook and is looking forward to connect to all Pakistanis, especially the youth of the country to answer there questions who he believes are very concerned about the situation of the country.

No doubt every Pakistan is worried about the current political and overall situation of the country. He has promised to bi-weekly screen the most asked questions on his Facebook page and answer the top 3 questions. You can watch his Facebook adress video here:

After several other leaders and presidents of the countries in cluding President Obama, now Gen. Retd. Parvez Musharraf has also decided to use social media and The Internet not only to promote himself but to use this medium for a positive change. Lets see where this effort leads him and Pakistan.

To visit his page, go to http://www.facebook.com/pervezmusharraf

UConnect – Put all your files on the cloud

Go computing out there on the road with UConnect

Uconnect is probably the most revolutionary VAS that Ufone’s released ever, not only because of its feature set but its relation with the evolution of computing that will altogether transform the way we use computers and information today. The experts claim that all your computer resources that you can conceive today and can predict for tomorrow will all reside on the cloud in not so distant future. Actually we are already there with several tools emerging online.

Uconnect is our telecom sector’s contribution to the evolution. Using Uconnect, you can put all your files on the cloud and can access them anywhere, anytime using your cellphone. You can perform basic file management operations on most popular file types that we use on our PCs. You can view, send, receive emails and can even shut-down your PC remotely.

They say, a picture is better than a thousand words and I say, a video is better than a thousand pictures. So go-ahead, watch this video that shows how UConnect works. And if you decide to sign-up, simply SMS SUB to 292 and start enjoying UConnect.

Following is UConnect’s features list :

  • Put and access your files on the cloud and make them always-accessible.
  • Supports doc, xls, ppt, pdf, jpg and other popular formats that you can view right on your wap browser.
  • Access one or more of your machines’ file system live (obviously when your PC is online).
  • Cut/copy/paste/delete files remotely both from the cloud and your machine.
  • Basic PC tasks like restart, shut-down, sleep and hibernate can be done right from your phone
  • Last but not least, use PUSH EMAIL on up to 5 of your email accounts. This all works on SMS. You get SMS for each incoming email and you can read and reply emails.

To know more about the product, please visit http://uconnect.ufone.com

Bakra Ads on Facebook

Pakistanis are catching up real fast on all aspects of online life. Online advertisements and sales is also one aspect. This ad I just saw on Facebook is an evidence of my comment 🙂

BTW, all you guys living in non-Muslim countries, how do you give your Qurbani?

BlackBerry App World now available in more countries. Pakistan still not in the list

BlackBerry app world is RIM’s official application store. Since its launch, this store has been gaining more and more popularity. Initially app world was available in a very few countries including USA and UK. Later more countries have been added. Today, RIM has announced support for app world in a few more countries. The newly added countries include:

  • Indonesia
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore

Moreover, RIM also announces that several more countries will be added to the supported countries list soon. The upcoming supported countries list is as follows:

  • India
  • Honduras
  • Nicaragua
  • El Selvador
  • Bolivia
  • Paraguay
  • Uruguay

This is also interesting to note that vendors will not be able to sell there apps in these countries. Only free apps will be listed to users in these countries. RIM is working to make payment processing available in these countries and paid applications will start showing up in the app-world users of these countries once the payment processing mechanism is in place.

I was expecting Pakistan to be one of the country in at least the up-coming countries list but unfortunately that has not been the case. Do you think the number of BlackBerry users or their purchase power is less than that of BlackBerry users in Honduras or Bolivia?

Some good cricket for Pakistan.

After all those hickups, finally some cricket for Pakistan on a neutral stadium. It was an amazing thriller after such a long time. Not only players are short of match practice, but supporters like myself are starved of watching Pakistan-cricket. Thumbs up to an overall great team-effort.

You can find match details here

Poverty in Pakistan – Govt figures and ground realities

According to the figures given by Govt. of Pakistan, the percentage of population living under the poverty line is 23.9 percent, while World bank and UNDP believe that the percentage is higher than that [source]. If we believe that 23.9 is the correct number, Pakistan turns out to be better than 91 other countries. [source]. Moreover, This percentage of poor people has been decreasing all the way since 2001 [source].

Regardless of what government does, what UN decides and what NGOs are doing, what can be the best practices we can follow to make sure that this percentage goes as lower as possible in our respective parts of the world. I’m not talking about charity or fund-raising here. I’m talking about running our country, our institutions, our businesses in such a way that improves the economy to result in lower poverty percentages. Please do comment about what you have been doing in this regard lately.

In the end, please do check out this cool powerty map.

Everyone low on funds?

These advertisement boards have always been occupied since eternity. You can see so many of such boards all around the city that are vacant now. Is that a result of financial crisis?

Cricket is so important

As I watch this semi-final of national 20-20 series in Gaddafi stadium, Lahore, I feel so great looking at this large crowd.

A nation that is so short on entertainment and so high on tension and depression from all sorts of problems is enjoying an evening of relief.

Despite the fact that the match is not as interesting as a usual 20-20, spectators are celebrating every bit of it. Festivals, sports, exhibitions, dramas, movies and all sort of entertainments, that have been part of usual Lahore life have died down to silence not only due to the law and order situation and continued bomb blasts but due to the poor economic condition of the country as well.

I hope things keep going like this and we get back to same old Lahore that is home to dozens of festivals and activities.