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  Yesterday, there were only two types of tablets that could not check email, one was Playbook and the other was Aspirin ( ROFL). And today, the basic feature set of the PlayBook tablet by Research In Motion is complete. . . The good news comes with the public release of BlackBerry Playbook OS 2.0 […]
I just got hold of these two devices. A BlackBerry Bold 9700 running OS 5 and a BlackBerry Torch running OS 6. Apparently both devices do not have a difference in processing power but the operating system boot up time looks drastically improved for OS version 6. One of the thing that has always been […]
If you are carrying a BlackBerry Bold 9700, and want to upgrade to OS 6, the first leaked version is available now. WillyBoy6 on CrackBerry forums has posted the steps, download links and then the whole world starts talking about it. If you end up upgrading to OS6 successfully, the only difference between your 9700 […]