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I’m happy to share the news that Photo Editor, a BlackBerry app by has hit the #1 slot on BlackBerry App World again. Photo Editor has been in top 20 apps since it hit the top slot back in December. The quality and features this app provides have won the hearts of BlackBerry users […]
Finally RIM has revealed the Playbook availability date. This is what BlackBerry’s Facebook status says today: Don’t like waiting in line? Pre-order the PlayBook and it’s guaranteed to be yours on April 19! Head to Best Buy (U.S.) – – or Best Buy Canada – – to place your order today. If you […]
This week the world has seen several BlackBerry phones from the future. The phones that you’ll get to see in this post include the BlackBerry Torch 2, Storm 3, yet another Curve and last but not least, BlackBerry Dakota. We know about storms, curves and torches but Dakota is a different phone in a sense […]
I know quite a few people who love to have a touch-screen phone that has a keypad as well, and they are still not fond of slide form factor. For all those who need such a phone, BlackBerry Dakota  has been a best kept secret. I actually love slide phones, especially BlackBerry Torch, but Dakota […]
It’s been quite some time online world has been rumored about BlackBerry Storm 3. Recently we got to see a new photo of the rumored Storm 3 and some accompanying specs. If you are a touch-screen fan and don’t want a QWERTY keypad and look forward to a lot of performance boost and style, you […]
All BlackBerry fan boys out there, if you did not get a chance to upgrade to Torch 9800 yet, now is your chance to wait a little further till Torch 2 hits the market. Recently details about the Torch 2 got leaked over the web. Torch itself is an amazing handset that is further enriched […]
BlackBerry Curve is brand name close to heart for a lot of blackberry users. No matter how crazy smart-phones get, Curve series is a breathtaking success. This new BlackBerry curve in black color sounds very promising. The date of launch and availability is still not confirmed: The new curve will have following specs: Screen resolution […]
RIM has already announced that Playbook apps will be distributed via App-World. Vendors have been given an interface for publishing apps for App-World already. Now we got to see a leaked shot of App-World running on RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook. Unfortunately, not many details are available about the app-world.
Time for some humor, should I say some tech-humor 🙂
** ** Superb update — The Photo Editor app is now #1 on App World** ** Photo Editor for BlackBerry is an easy to use and very useful app for Blackberry smart phones. It allows  you to edit your photos on the go and share it with friends and family. I’m proud to be part […]