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This is big for me at least. This fellow has found a way to install a boot loader and install Android OS on iPhone. We all know that Apple’s iPhone has strong hardware capabilities but due to software restrictions, iPhone users have been deprived from a lot of features and functionality that they could use […]
N82 by Nokia, just a little over two years I was so excited to receive my new handset. An amazing dual processor phone with dedicated graphics processing unit, an amazing five mega pixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens and Xenon flash…… Series 60 3rd edition and a mono block, unlike N95. It happens that after […]
There have been rumors and gossips about Samsung’s Wave, the first phone to come on Samsung Bada platform. Samsung Bada is a smart phone platform to add to an already existing mix of a number of platforms already available like iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm Pre, Nokia Ovi, Android. Now Samsung has confirmed that Samsung Wave is […]
Nokia’s all you can eat music offer named “Nokia-Comes with music” allows a handset owner to download as many music as they can in a year. All you need to do is buy a phone which is labeled “Comes with music”. But this offer is not available everywhere in the world. How Ironic, isn’t it? […]
According to an independent marketing research firm named comscore, BlackBerry has the largest smart phone share in US. Google has shown some serious improvement to 9% and Apple has been steady. This comparison shows the strength of RIM in the region. Those who are planning to build their business around BlackBerry should have additional level […]
It’s been quite some time we’ve seen a larger Micro SDHC card than the 16GB one I have. I’ve been posting about 16GB memory card compatibility earlier as well. This post is an official confirmation that Nokia’s touchscreen phone 5530 ExpressMusic supports 16GB Micro SD cards. I have this SanDisk’s 16GB card and it works […]
It is very common for Blackberry users to experience trackball problems. Trackball is a common feature of several Blackberry models like Blackberry Bold, Curve 8900, Curve 8300 series, Pearl and 8800 series as well. Like a normal ball-based mouse on your computer, the pearl also needs cleaning to give you precise working. Moreover, the trackball […]
Thanks to Nokia Free Hands challenge , Darla Mack who told me about this challenge and a big number of people including my family and friends, I have won a Nokia N82 and a Nokia BH-902 Handsfree. I just received a DHL with my gift and I’m right on top of this world right now. […]
Toys are getting really interesting. I feel jealous, why such toys were’nt there when I was young? Look at this remote control UFO 🙂 See this site for details.