Nokia C3, Nokia C6 and Nokia E5 coming soon

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36 thoughts on “Nokia C3, Nokia C6 and Nokia E5 coming soon

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  • Nokia E5 mobile phone is latest hand set of Nokia
    The Nokia E5 mobile phone runs on Symbian S60 3rd Edition and Feature Pack.The E5 is a 3G mobile phone with support to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and maximum upload and download speeds of up to 2Mbps and 10.2Mbps.

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  • If you’re still on the fence: grab your favorite earphones, head down to a Best Buy and ask to plug them into a Zune then an iPod and see which one sounds better to you, and which interface makes you smile more. Then you’ll know which is right for you.

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  • Zune and iPod: Most people compare the Zune to the Touch, but after seeing how slim and surprisingly small and light it is, I consider it to be a rather unique hybrid that combines qualities of both the Touch and the Nano. It’s very colorful and lovely OLED screen is slightly smaller than the touch screen, but the player itself feels quite a bit smaller and lighter. It weighs about 2/3 as much, and is noticeably smaller in width and height, while being just a hair thicker.

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  • Between the Fiat 500 and the Alfa MiTo (to say nothing of the Lancia Ypsilon), Italy’s got plenty of Mini rivals on the road. But it could gain another, if emerging reports prove accurate in the long run. The rumors center around the revived De Tomaso. The dormant sportscar marque was recently acquired by one Gianmario Rossignolo, a former chief executive of Lancia who was previously linked to a take-over of Bertone. Rossignolo has some ambitious plans in place for his new company, acquiring a former Pininfarina factory in the Piedmont region of Italy, where he reportedly plans on building a line of sportscars, luxury sedans and sport-utes. Now reports suggest a premium hatchback to rival the Mini could be in the cards as well.

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  • Banyak yang bilang kalo blackberry atau iphone merupakan hp yang paling bagus saat ini. Sebagai orang indonesia yang biasa-biasa saja, saya tetap setia dengan nokia, karena terbukti gampang dipake, walau tentu saja, masih banyak kekurangan di sana sini

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