Done with the Google account dilemma

I’m sure there are many of you out there who have gone through the Google Account dilemma when using a Google Apps account. Google Apps is a service that allows you to use many of Google’s main services with your own domain or with your company domain. I use it with as well. My email essentially was a GMail like address that could sign for Google Talk, Google Maps and many other services.

Apparently, Google had not decided what to do with such Google Apps account with many of these services. So, when signing up for Picasa for example, you can use a)  A Gmail account, b) A Google account with google apps email address, c) Any other email address.

Now, I was having conflicting accounts as Google defines and finally the day has come. From 16th May, all your services that you are using with  your Google Apps email address which may be considered as a Google Apps account or considered as a non Google email address, both will be merged.

Google has planned to make the transition as smooth as possible, but there are still some rough areas. I’ll be blogging more about them as the things happen.

So far I have moved all my services to the Google Apps account email address and the services are no more available with a non Google Apps address now. Transition which did not work or was not allowed were:

* Now Google Voice automatic transition available yet

* No Gmail transition possibilities yet

I’ll keep updating this post as I get to see more problems or issues regarding this service. You can read more about this transition here:

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