Google Plus – Android app and Invites

I’m sure you must have heard about Google+ by now, it’s yet another social network by Google. It feels that they are palnning to do it right this time, let’s see how good it will be in the days to come. All we can do is jump in, try using it and give our feedback. So first thing first, how to get into Google+.

How to get invited to Google+

If you do not have an invite yet, just leave your comment here and I’ll try to invite you to the network right away.

How to invite friends to Google+

Once you are in, its simple to invite friends. If you do not have any invites explicitly available, just create a stream (your new status) and add more people to share with, type in all the email address you want to invite here and as soon as you press the “Share” button, everyone listed will get an email invite.

How to get Google+ Android app

Simply go to from your Android browser. This should work for most of you. If your market says it’s not available, dont panic, you can get the APK file right from one of the links below. Download the apk file, load it up on your phone’s memory card and open it to install Google+. Do leave a comment if this works for you 🙂

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  1. Davide says:

    please invite me if you can.

  2. kiakanpa says:

    Hi, i’d love an invite if you get chance!


  3. Patrik says:

    Hi, nice post! I would love to get an invite 🙂

  4. Kriss says:

    amazing post mate, if you could invite me please 🙂
    i will spread the invites. 
    appreciate it!

    crslaytor at gmail dot com

  5. kiakanpa says:

    Thanks so much for my invite! I’m happy to invite others if you let me know your email!

  6. Patrik says:

    Thanks, got the invite and it worked!

  7. Hadi says:

    Nice , please invite me.

  8. sloth says:

    can i have an invite please?

  9. MartinTO says:

    Thanks for the useful info

    invite please

    coolhomer gmail

  10. Joe says:

    would love to try this thing out!!!
    and help spread the invites!

  11. Prin says:

    hello,would you please invite me~
    Thanks a lot

  12. Daniel says:

    please invite! tks!

  13. tomtw says:

    Hey could you invite me please
    Thank you

  14. Homer says:

    Please invite me. Thanks. Homer

  15. Robert says:

    Hi Brian. kindly send me an invite to Google plus….am really keen to try it out.

  16. Ben Lui says:

    It’s so good. Please invite me. Thanks

  17. Hassan Shahzad says:

    i would love an invite 😀

  18. Suleiman says:

    an invite will be much appreciated

  19. jerry says:

    i would love to get an invite. thanks alot!

  20. amal vajdan says:

    please . send me an inviteee…. 🙂

  21. faheem says:

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  22. carlos says:

    Hey! I would love to get an invite to Google plus.

  23. BA says:

    Invite sent to y’all if you still needed it. Apologies for late response.

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