How to purchase more space in Gmail?

If you are running out of Gmail space, you can pay a very nominal fee to get ample space in your Gmail Inbox. If you are considering a paid option, storage space is VERY cheap on Google servers. You can buy 20 GB of additional space for only $5 per year. This is the easiest option to exercise but binds you to use the paid service not only today but in future as well as your used storage space will continue to grow.

You have more options as well if you want to upgrade big time. You can buy…

  • 20 GB for $5 per year
  • 80 GB for $20 per year
  • 200 GB for $50 per year
  • 400 GB for $100 per year
  • 1 TB for $256 perĀ  year

Cool, isn’t it? If you’ve made up your mind, click here to upgrade your account. If you’re looking for a free solution, you can either download all your emails to your computer, or you can use this free solution to your problem. See links below:

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