How to export your Facebook Page’s wall to RSS

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35 thoughts on “How to export your Facebook Page’s wall to RSS

  • thx m8 – saved me alot of work ๐Ÿ™‚

  • oh, by the way:
    If you access your twitter account with the external URL using you can get an RSS feed that is not password protected…

    Hm kinda makes me wonder what would happen if I let this rss stream feed into the same sitepage on facebook ;).

    Who dares trying to put Facebook&Twitter down? ^^

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  • Works perfectly! Does anyone know if there’s a way to also publish the FB comments to the original post? Twitter doesn’t pick them up. I guess that’s the weak link???

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  • I was scouring the web looking for a way to get an RSS feed of a company Facebook page when I found this post. Excellent idea, it’s so simple yet brilliant!

  • I want to include the comments from the fan in my RSS feed from facebook Page. A solution ???

  • Thank you, worked perfectly. Feeding Facebook Page to Twitter then taking RSS feed into Feedburner and Ping.FMing it.

  • Doesn’t seem to work. To get to the RSS feed icon in Twitter, you have to switch back to the “Old Twitter”. However, the feed I copied there wouldn’t validate. Nor would the different feed I got following the instructions from Jan on getting a non-pwd protection feed.

  • There is an even simpler way:ย just substitute the xxx with the page id number and you are good to go! Example:
    Great post +blog anyway. Does anyone know how to do this for ordinary profiles/walls?

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