I smoked my Toshiba laptop

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4 thoughts on “I smoked my Toshiba laptop

  • I'm sorry:

    – For your loss
    – For "enjoying" your misery (as it was really fun reading this post)
    – For commenting here virtually after an year since you've posted it…

    My laptop has some issues with its battery, it runs only if it is connected to a continuous supply of power. So it has to be plugged into the socket all the time.

    I, at times, keep it running on UPS even. Specially during power failures in times of live cricket matches, cricinfo.com and webcric.com goes on 🙂

    So I want to know if it is safe to run my laptop on UPS??? As I dont want to SMOKE mine 🙂

  • @Saira: Thanks for your Comment and congrats on getting your comment through here 🙂

    Actually it depends on what UPS you are using. I have ended up smoking different other home appliances on sub-standard UPS units as well like fans and lights and decided to go for a better UPS then.

    In principal, there shound not be any problem at all running a laptop on a UPS. Why dont you try buying a new battery?

  • Thanks for your cooperation in that regard 🙂

    Actually I dont know anything about buying hardwares and all. My bro is Captain in Pak Army and is currently on Basic course in Quetta. Once he returns, after couple of months Insha Allah, I'll buy a new one.

    So till then let me assume, my UPS is a good one. ( I've got my fingers crossed! )

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