Nokia N8 available from Ufone in Pakistan – Price Revealed

Nokia N8 Ufone Pakistan PriceHave you been waiting for Nokia N8, the next big phone by Nokia in a long long time? Yes I want that 12 megapixel camera, yes I want that 720p HD widescreen recording and the HDMI output, yes I need the Symbian ^3 and the wait is over. You can order your N8 now from Ufone (obviously within Pakistan).

The details are that Nokia and Ufone have decided to launch the phone at a special price. I’m not sure when the phone will  be available in market but it is available now pre-order for Rs. 42000. ( USD 487 or 350 Euro). You’ll not get the phone right away. You pay Rs. 5000 for booking and as soon as it arrives, you’ll get one (apparently around 15th October). Moreover, this is announced as a special discounted Ufone+Nokia launch price which is even less than the announced price of EUR 380+.

If you can’t wait to see this device, just visit your nearest Ufone customer care center.See this link for more details and a list of service centers where the phone is available for you to check out.

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  1. Salman Zafar says:

    I pre-ordered it from ufone. Any news when I’ll be getting it? Ufone said waiting time to be 3 to 4 weeks 10 days ago..

    Any updates?

  2. Abrar Junejo says:

    I pre ordered it on 5th oct 2010 but found out u have to actually for product advance registration at one of 5 outlets mentioned. I gave 5k rs for advance (non refundable) on 6th oct. They told me I’ll get my handset after 20 days. Called me on 27th oct to pick up my handset for next day. Exclusively for next day if I wont I wont have it (ufone says my way or the highway). Anyways went to ufone clifton, the opened a seal pack piece N8 (made in china) with all original stuff inside, plus a mobilezone cap, nokia keychain, bluetooth headset, pouch for n8, a nokia bag for all that stuff inside with mobilezone warranty. They gave me black I opted for orange but they said only available is black. Anyways Im happy with the stuff.

  3. sameer says:

    hey abrar which pouch u got the blue one with written”its not technology is what you do with it”????

  4. Vishal says:

    i wont nokia n8 im in peshawar ! so wht cn i do ?????? aur ya offer kb tk hai ?????????

  5. Vishal says:

    aur is ma sim to sab kam krti hai na ?????????

  6. Vishal says:

    aur is ma sim to sab kam krti hai na ?

  7. ali says: me the price of n8

  8. ali says:

    contect me at 03336732936

  9. shakeel says:

    what is the full price of n8 in ufone

  10. Nokia N8 says:

    i did not like it as the price is too high and there are not much valuable features.

  11. I could submit a link to that page on my weblog. Many thanks!

  12. Hasnain says:

    I want NOKIA N8, I’m in Karachi! So what i do?? Aur Yeh Offer Kb Tk Hay??

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