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According to an independent marketing research firm named comscore, BlackBerry has the largest smart phone share in US. Google has shown some serious improvement to 9% and Apple has been steady. This comparison shows the strength of RIM in the region. Those who are planning to build their business around BlackBerry should have additional level […]
This looks awesome. BlackBerry Storm 2 running Need for Speed Shift using the accelerometer and touchscreen. This was showcased at MWC 2010.
BerrySnooper is a BlackBerry software that allows you to find your lost BlackBerry or stolen blackberry. This post is a walkthrough of BerrySnooper, how it works and what are the restuls. BerrySnooper can be downloaded from BerrySnooper’s website. The setup is simple and straightforward and download is available over the air. Once you purchase and […]
If you are a BlackBerry user and usually forget where you parked your car in a large parking lot or may be in a street a few blocks away, this application named vqCarFinder is a life saver. The idea is very simple. The application uses the GPS and BlueTooth in your BlackBerry phone to do […]
Google has recently started giving Google Voice accounts through invites. Google voice allows you to have one Google-Voice-Number and associate all your other phone numbers to this global number. Then you can receive and make calls using this number without letting your callers worry, where you are calling from. You have more control over your […]
Blackberry partner fund is running a contest named Blackberry Developer Challenge. This challenge is looking for creative BlackBerry application developers who have written applications for BlackBerry and upload them to the newly launched BlackBerry app-world.This will serve a dual purpose for RIM. A lot of developers will jump into BlackBerry application development and will provide […]
The screenshot says it all. No significant feature update found.
It seems that the mobile industry is moving toward a universal charger, and micro-usb connector will take this seat. The standardaization is supposed to start from Europe and will eventually be adopted, possibly, by the rest of the world. Micro-USB is more sleek in size and has the same capabilities as more commonly seen mini-USB. […]