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Intel Processor Comparison – Part 16 of 16 The table below compares a few processors both form Core i as well as Core 2 technologies by Intel. This article is part of a series of articles listed below Intel Processor Comparison – Introduction Want a faster PC, get more RAM first Processor Flashback Hyper Threading […]
Processor Comparison – Part 15 of 16 If you are a normal user and dont do alot of number crunching, you may not find a significant difference between these processors in day to day use but if you are a power user and do a lot of DVD ripping, video conversion, extreme 3d gaming, mp3 […]
Intel Processor Comparison – Part 14 of 16 Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 use Intel Smart Cache while older processors have been using L2 Cache. I have failed to find anything special in terms of feature of this smart cache. Intel belives that this Smart Cache is smarter than L2 cache but I believe […]
Intel Processor Comparison – Part 13 of 16 Front Side Bus FSB is a BUS technology that is used in Core 2 Quad/Duo processor technologies and earlier. FSB allows the processor to communicate with other components of the computer including Memory, PCIe, Video as well as IO devices like USB, Hard disk, Network etc. Everything […]
Intel Processor Comparison – Part 12 of 16 Intel Core 2 Quad and Core 2 Duo technology have some more differences as compared to Intel’s Core i3, i5 and i7 technologies. Core 2 technology supports L2 cache while Core iX processors run Intel Smart Cache technology. Similarly, architectural change in bus architecture is also a […]
Intel Processor Comparison – Part 11 of 16 Am I getting redundant here? Not really. Intel Core i5 is a quad core processor that can run four processes at a time, while each process can run only one thread. While Intel Core i7 can run four processes and eight threads at the same time on […]
Intel Processor Comparison – Part 10 of 16 Intel Core i3 is a dual core processor while Core i5 is a quad core processor. While Core i3 can run total of 4 threads and 2 processes at a time, Core i5 can run 4 threads and 4 processes at a time. Intel Core i3 is […]
Intel Processor Comparison – Part 9 of 16 Intel Turbo boost technology is a smart way of over clocking the processors. Gamers and enthusiasts around the globe have been using tricks to overclock their processors to get better speeds. This fact has become so popular that Intel has included Turbo Boost as their native feature. […]
Processor Comparison – Part 8 of 16 Core 2 Quad and Core i5 are both quad core processors, that is, four cores in one processor chip. This necessarily means, they can run four different processes at the same time. Both of them can run four threads at the same time too. Whats the difference then? […]
Intel Processor Comparison – Part 7 of 16 As Core 2 Duo technology has been here for some time, Core i3 is targetted to replace Core 2 Duo in the market pretty soon. Both Core 2 Duo and Core i3 are dual core processors and can run two processes at the same time. The main […]