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Yahoo announced today that it has acquired the mobile analytics company Flurry. Yeah, they sound serious in mobile analytics domain here. Is that too little too late? Read the press release here for further details.
While I’ve been running my own start up and have been involved with a couple before that, I’ve recently joined a friend to go for yet another start-up, a brand new company based in DHA Lahore and this is yet another beginning, yet another exciting action packed start-up and yet another dawn for the new […]
I’m intentionally writing this post today, BlackBerry 10 launch is just a few hours to go. BlackBerry Z10 is the first device on the given platform and there’s a fair bit of excitement around the RIM and BlackBerry neighborhoods. This has been pretty much down hill for RIM for quite some time and in my […]
Well this is pretty much following Apple’s footstep and launching a 7 inch tablet is really not very innovative but its a cool addition to the available tablet options. This is a very moderate start to announced the launch a very exciting product actually. BlackBerry lovers around the world are excited at the launch and […]
I’m at a talk by Imran Sayeed organised by P@SHA – TiE – Sofizar Constellation and lums. Its expected to be a good interactive talk and man it feels so good being back on LUMS campus after quite a while. More details about the event can be found on Jehan Ara’s blog.
Apple on Friday released the video of their press conference. Steve Jobs has presented his case and made some good point and then demonstrated how other popular phones also loose signal when held tight in the user’s hand. RIM and Nokia have objected the way their phones have been mentioned in this session. The press […]
Just came across this video and it’s so inspiring. The video comes from USA and focuses on US entrepreneurs as such but every bit of it makes sense in it’s international perspective too. Thanks Jehan for the wonderful dig.
There have been news and posts all around that Apple has advised iPhone 4 owners not to hold it in a specific way to avoid any signal dropping issues. I’ve not tried the new iPhone (nor am looking forward to) but Nokia has posted a comprehensive post on “How to hold  your Nokia” and they […]
Win a newly launched E73 querty phone with a Symbian Series 60 OS, Qwerty keyboard, 5 Megapixel camera and a host of standard features you’ll expect in a Nokia Smartphone. The phone is scheduled to start shipping on 16th of June in US on T-Mobile. If you want to buy it in US, it will […]