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Have you been waiting for Nokia N8, the next big phone by Nokia in a long long time? Yes I want that 12 megapixel camera, yes I want that 720p HD widescreen recording and the HDMI output, yes I need the Symbian ^3 and the wait is over. You can order your N8 now from […]
Pakistan is going through one of the worst natural disaster it has ever faced. Around 20 million people have been adversely affected and extraordinary damage has been caused to the damage. If you are looking to donate money to help flood relief activities (especially if you are not in Pakistan) and are looking for a reliable organization, […]
Pakistan has been hit by massive flood and some sources say it’s the worst flood in last 80 years. Natural disaster cannot go worse than that. According to UNICEF, there are around three million people who need immediate help out of which around 1.5 million are children. There are several flood relief efforts going on […]
We’ve been hearing about the Android software development training course to be held in Lahore in collaboration with P@SHA and PSEB. Things have taken a very interesting twist. The top Android development company Geni Team in Lahore has promised two confirmed jobs and four scholarships of 100% fee waiver for the students joining this course. […]
We’ve seen several variants of touchscreen typing mechanisms but BlindType is too good to be true. Watch this video how they use this virtual keyboard, once mastered will not require any keys shown on screen, saving valuable screen space for you. See BlindType in action in this video:
This blog will serve as my diary when I’ll not be around. The blog will tell you that it was an age of cricket magicians that I lived in. It was an age when the two Ws used to scare the batting line up of any world class team by opening the bowling attack, it […]
Dan Gilbert talks about things that make us happy. He discusses how human beings become happy about getting things that they want and when they want it. He claims that our psychological immune system works in a way that keeps us happy even if we don’t get what we actually wanted. This video is worth […]
All Pakistani bloggers know about Pakistan Blog Awards 2010. I’m happy to see a post on Nokia’s website. The post is more of a question answers session with  Adeel Hashmi, Communications Manager – Near East, Nokia. Adeel believes that the technology is playing its role and it has helped masses, especially people from lower economic group […]
I am a cricket fan and I know if you are reading this, probably you are a cricket fan as well. And its obvious that fans watch live cricket whenever possible. Things get even more serious if it is a World Cup tournament and your favorite team is playing a crucial match. If you are […]
You can watch the Ten-Sports live coverage of Pakistan vs India hockey match live online here. This is the opening match of World Cup Hockey 2010 being played in India.