Samsung Wave – First Impressions

BA gets hold of a Samsung Wave. This is exciting. We’ve already posted the fact that the device will be available somewhere in the third quarter of 2010. We’ve managed to get hold of a preview device which runs pretty much the final version of much anticipated BADA OS.

Samsung is ready to hit back with a great device and to make a point that BADA is going to be a strong, useful and reliable platform. Samsung Wave GT-S5800 is an impressive device right from the moment you hold it in your hand. The most important features of the phone are as follows:

  • A large 3.3 inch Super AMO-LED screen with a resolution of 480×800.
  • Sizzling 1 GHz processor to run the new OS
  • BADA OS that will run on the most devices by Samsung from now on
  • Other useful stuff like Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, Accelerometer etc.

You can find full specs of the phone here.

My first impressions for the device and its features are:

  • The device is lightweight, slim and very handy.
  • The BADA OS is pretty cool as compared to its infancy level, remember its the first device with BADA.
  • The screen is absolutely amazing and outclasses pretty much everything out there. Super AMOLED screen is no doubt the best feature in this device.
  • The phone is very fast when normally using it. No waiting, no delays, gets your stuff done instantly, thanks to 1GHz processor in this small device.
  • The device carries a 5 mega pixel camera that is not even close to other average smart phone 5MP cameras. This is very disappointing that the photos taken with Wave’s camera are very unimpressive.
  • Wave GT-5800 has a dazzling HD video camera as well that records up to 1280×720 resolution HD videos at 30 FPS and has some decent camera settings available. The output of the video camera is very good. The videos are crisp with no pixelation or jitter and the video camera does its job very well.
  • The basic set of software available on the phone is pretty sufficient to start with. If you need more, you have the samsung BADA store already getting filled with apps for you so you can just go there and download. Please note that all these applications are free for now and there are no paid apps on the store so far.
  • I typically like the onscreen keyboard that works in both portrait and landscape mode and it can not get any better than that. I do miss the availability of a dictionary that suggest words but then it will also not auto incorrect things in attempt of auto correcting them, like it does on other touchscreen phones like iPhone
  • The video playback and watching pictures is a pleasure withe the great software and amazing screen accompanied by a decently loud speaker.

All in all, its a great experience using the device for a few days. I will continue to post more about this device and will upload sample photos and videos soon.

Samsung WaveSamsung Wave Photo

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  3. […] Samsung Wave I mentioned a couple of posts ago? The biggest wow factor of the phone is the AMOLED screen. It gives me the […]

  4. […] Samsung Wave I mentioned a couple of posts ago? The biggest wow factor of the phone is the AMOLED screen. It gives me the […]

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  19. Thank you for the awesome article, so I have been a samsung person for roughly 5 years now, and I recently upgraded from a samsung omnia i910 to the Samsung Wave and to this point I am loving it! (I do leave out some features of my omnia although) I am from Halifax Nova Scotia in Canada, I used to be originaly going to attend it out for the galaxy s to arrive at the bell community however decided to shop for the wave instead and save myself $400.

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